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Dental Surgery


Finally, a tool to help you satisfy Accreditation Standards. TalEval is an Objective Format.

Pricing & Requirements

System Requirements:  TalEval is a web-based application so you can access it from any computer connected to the internet.  There is no software to download or install! Safeguarding your data is one of our most important priorities. That is why we automatically encrypt all sensitive student and patient information sent between your computer and our servers.


Pricing:  $4,995.00 one time licensure fee plus $1395.00 annual hosting/support fee for up to 50 active students,  51-100 active students is  1795.00, 101-200 active students $1,995.00.   Over 200 active students call for pricing. 

Includes hosting, support, webinar training , automatic data backups and seamless updates.               


In-Service Training & Expert Consulting:    Contact Cindy Biron for  in-service course descriptions/pricing and consulting fees.  Contact Information: or

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