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Top Changes In TalEval Upgrade      

  1. Designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (508).

  2. Compliant with HIPAA (patient names/birthdates only shown on campus). Allows setup of school firewall IP address in SETUP so TalEval knows who is off/on campus.

  3. New dark/light feature improves readability for those with low eye vision.

  4. Auto calculates patient IDs if desired (can specify prefix in setup).

  5. Grade Entry. Instructor Initials auto appear in comments field along with item #.

  6. Grade Entry Header.  Added new Calculus Chart button to show charts created by students.

  7. Students can view their own patient tracking report.

  8. Students can view their own formative grade report.

  9. Students have a filter on the patient list to view only their patients instead of all patients.

  10. Students can create a calculus assessment chart on each patient and mark findings. Software automatically calculates % correct after instructors mark their findings.

  11. Patient Type Tracking Report shows new patient age ranges:  0-9, 10-19, 20-64, Over 65

  12. New filter added to patient list to view only patients seen by a specific student.

  13. Sensitive fields have been removed from patient/student forms for security purposes.

  14. Individual Grade Report – Can now click on a student (hyper-link) on the report and view their detail grade report without closing the initial report.

  15. Master Grid - Can now click on a student (hyper-link) on the report and view their detail formative report without closing the initial report.

  16. SUB-CATEGORY SEQUENCE setup item. If you add or remove a sub-category in SETUP all sub-categories will be automatically renumbered now.

  17. Fixed bug in health requirements that caused expirations to display multiple times.

  18. Fixed bug that let users add patient birth dates in the future for patients.

  19. Gingival Perio Disease field in grade header defaults to the selection from the last grade entered for that patient.

  20. Technique Evaluation Data Entry – Allows user to select multiple students when grading.

  21. Grade Header is collapsible to make more room to view items in the grading grid.

  22. Student Grade Summary report can be printed without student names.

  23. The TalEval Survey Tool is being eliminated.  Users will use Survey Monkey or another survey tool of their choice. Existing survey data will not be accessible after June 1.

  24. Grade by Appointment Report is being eliminated.

  25. Renew TalEval and view renewal date from the SETUP SCHOOL INFO menu item. 


Note:  In order to implement item 2, we will assign patient IDs to all existing patients who have no patient ID unless you want to create them yourself before the upgrade or have specified  USE PATIENT #s in School Setup. 


Upgrade Date:  June 1, 2021 America’s Software Corporation 

Downtime:  May 30, 2021 - up to 2PM Eastern Time

Who will be affected:  All Taleval Users

View Videos to see new interface and other new features by going to this page or click on the button below

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